Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hi! So today Lexie aka my mom saw a calf running down the road ... LONG story short he is now back with his heard... any ways . So my mom saw this bat and thought it was dead so she said "Hey kids do you want to see a dead bat?" My brother said YES and I said NO WAY THAT'S DISGUSTING! (I am a bit of a animal lover :) So my mom and my brother went to look at it and saw that its not DEAD! Ir had 3 baby's on it and the poor thing is dieing... I am going to try to save the baby's but I don't know if the mom will be dead in the morning or not... Please pray that the mom will recover soon or if she dies pray that I will be able to handle feeding (Out of medicine droppers) all 3 baby's by myself. Thanks!

Yours truly

~ Joyfull, Emily, all ways loving <3

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