Monday, May 28, 2012

Calf... :(

Hi!  So sorry for not posting in forever well I still need to post about vacation... but any ways... So today we went out and got a new calf. On the way home me and my mom were thinking of names we decided on Antonyo Tony for short :D Well not that it matters... well we were unloading him out of the van he decided he did not want to be near us! And got up and ran away... after 1 hour of looking... still no sign of him :( My sister didn't even get to see him :( We are going to go look for him in the morning... Please pray that we find him...

Thanks! Yours truly,
                                ~ Joyfull, Emily

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Deablo :(

Hi, so my guinea pig Deablo was dieing so I was feeding her medicine 6 times a day. Well I went out this morning and saw she was dead :( Also when I was taking her out side to have my dad bury her i saw a little foot sticking out... yes she was pregnant and died because she was inbreed and pregnant so sad  :(  Maybe something good will come out of this tho :)

I will try to put a pic on tomorrow.

~ Joyfull, Emily

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Countrey Princess.

Hi, so 2 days ago me and my sister went out side and took some pictures of me in my recital dress. I take dance and I have a recital June 30th. Well we took a BUNCH of pictures but I'm only going to show you a few :D.
Hope you like em!!!

The country princess.

LOVE this photo!!!

~ Joyfull, Emily <3